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Churches & Independent Artists

If you're an Independent Artist affiliated with a Church, we highly advise connecting us to a Church so we can create a Church sponsorship here. With this partnership, Confirmation is able to give you access to all our services with NO cost or subscriptions (yes, this is real).

Otherwise, if you are an Independent Artist not affiliated with a Church, Confirmation is looking forward to work with you!


Scroll below for our Church & Independent Artist Partnership pricing (in comparison with the Music Industry Standard Pricing), and learn more about our services in-depth. If you would like to get started and work with us, please schedule a meeting with us!

Type of Service
Normal Pricing
Churches & Independent Artists
Recording & Mix/Master
$65/hr & $150 for Final Mix/Master
$50/hr & Free Final Mix/Master
In-house Production
Music Videos (4K) & Editing
Photography & Editing
Pre-made (per beat) & Stems
Audio Engineer Tutoring (1-on-1)
Music Production Tutoring (1-on-1)
Marble Surface

Want to Work With Us? 

If you would like to learn more and work with us, please schedule a meeting with us!

Schedule a Meeting
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