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Our Leaders

Our Staff

Audio Engineers

Justin Berry

Kalman Weisberg



Ally Hong

Asriel Hayes

Taj E. Portegies

Juan Carlos Garcia


Spiritual Leaders

Stacey Hayes

Ericka Hayes



Levi Photenhauer

Jesus Diaz

Jessie Papik

Elias Ferguson

Michael Umolo

Levi Photenhauer

Graphic Designers

Jelove Mira

Brandon Farah

Esther Perez



Petrina Delacey
Will David

Macey Krause


Instrument Classes

Ally Hong – Piano
Juan Carlos Garcia – Piano

Kalman Weisberg – Piano

Asriel Hayes – Violin

Simon Welch – Bass, Guitar

Rafael Ferguson – Bass

Melissa Zuniga – Singing

Apply Today

We also offer the opportunity for anyone who knows the trades of music and video production to join us as a paid employee at Confirmation.

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