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If you're a Church member who is interested in our services, 

please fill out this form.


If you're a Church leader who feels led by God to invest in artists within your congregation, Confirmation Ministries has formed a way that your Church can have access to all these services at NO cost or subscriptions. Please read further below for more information.

Type of Service
Normal Pricing
Churches & Independent Artists
Sponsorship Pricing
Recording & Mix/Master
$65/hr & $150 for Final Mix/Master
$50/hr & Free Final Mix/Master
In-house Production
Music Videos (4K) & Editing
Photography & Editing
Pre-made (per beat) & Stems
Audio Engineer Tutoring (1-on-1)
Music Production Tutoring (1-on-1)
Marble Surface

How Could These Services Be FREE?

Confirmation Ministries Believes That God Has Ordained This Project To Provide Services For People Of All Walks Of Life.

We Understand That Normal Pricing For Industry-Standard Audio & Video Production Is Expensive. However, We Would Never Allow Financial Hardships To Stop People From Pursuing God's Purpose.

So we have created a system in which we can provide these services for free while we fully rely on our faith in God's ability to provide. We would love to discuss these options more in-depth with you!


If You'd Like To Sponsor Your Church, This Is What We Require From Your Church... 

Set Up a
Donation Center

Confirmation is a non-profit organization that is only able to run off of your donations, fundraisers, and support.


To partner with us, we require that you make a donation option where your congregation can be inspired and give to us. We have five levels of donation goals.

Inform Your Congregation

Keep your congregation informed about what we do and the services we offer to you at Confirmation.

To partner with us, we require that you show our video bi-weekly. We ask that you also distribute our flyers and announce our ministry to your Church members weekly. We strongly believe that God has implanted your Church members with musical gifts that Confirmation will bring to life. It's up to you to make our resources known to your members!

Spread & Share
Our Cause

Spread & share about our cause through social media, mailing lists, word of mouth, and however else.

To partner with us, we require that you spread the word about our mission and services as best as possible. We will share with you our digital flyers and posts to repost and share on stories, mailing and messaging lists, and more.

Marble Surface

Confirmation's Goal

There are several people in your church whom God has dropped musical visions & ideas into. Our goal is to be the launching pad for Christians to fulfill God's callings in music. He has appointed us to help create an army of His people in LA who are armed with the truth and ready to spread it through the ministry of music.

The world has been running the music industry for too long. Now is the time for God's people to raise up a culture where He is at the center of music. 

Schedule A Meeting With
Confirmation Ministries

If you are a Church that is interested in partnering with Confirmation Ministries, we would love to set up a meeting to discuss all the details!

If you are a Church member who wants Confirmation Ministries to reach out to your Church, then fill out this form!

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