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Mixing & Mastering

Confirmation's team of expert audio engineers have perfected the art of analog mixing & mastering using our extensive collection of hardware, EQs, and compressors – bringing artists' songs & projects to industry-standard levels.


Through providing access to high-end, professional studio quality equipment, we are able to transform your tracks to radio-ready sounds.

Hear the crazy transformation from unmixed to mixed!


Mixed & Mastered

What is Mixing & Mastering?

In order to reach the song quality of your favorite artists, or songs you hear on the radio, your tracks must be professionally mixed & mastered.

Mixing & mastering involves using effects (such as compression, equalization, panning, balancing, automation, etc.) to enhance your overall project, to make your songs reach their fullest potential on all speakers, platforms, media formats and devices.

Mixed & Mastered at
Confirmation's Studio

How to Send Your Songs to Get Mixed Online?

If you would like to get a song mixed, please send an email to

titled "Mixing & Mastering." 

The e-mail should contain your: 

  • ​Name 

  • Phone Number

  • Instagram Username

  • Church PIN (optional)

Mixing & Mastering Services

Not only does Confirmation's studio offers recording plus mixing & mastering, but it also comes with in-house producing, photography, online mixing & mastering, online producing, and home visits. 

  • Radio Ready Sound

    2 hr

  • Get your projects mixed & mastered online from professional engineers!

    2 hr

  • Bring your vision to life with custom-made beats

    2 hr

  • Don't live in LA? Don't fret! Work with skilled producers via Zoom/FT!

    2 hr

  • Want to learn mixing / beat production live or online? Learn now!

    1 hr

  • Can't drive out to LA? We'll bring our studio and equipment to you!

    2 hr

Mixing & Mastering Services

Confirmation’s recording studio, located in Inglewood, CA – just minutes away from the Forum and SoFI Stadium, is the safe haven oasis for Christian artists to record, collaborate and network with one another.


Our equipment is state of the art. You will never need to worry about your music sounding professional ever again!  The Neumann u87 is our favorite microphone here at Confirmation. It is used on almost all of your favorite artists’ vocals including Drake, Ariana Grande, and Kanye West, to name a few! It is the standard work-house mic of every studio and guaranteed to elevate your vocals to the professional level. 


So if you’re ready to lay down some tracks and drop some heat, then just book already!

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A Tour of Our Mixing Desk


Neve 1073 Pre-Amp & EQ

The Neve 1073 Pre-Amp and EQ is deemed the holy grail of character pre-amplification, with its punchy, authoritative sound also capturing the Golden Age era of Analog.

SSL Fusion
Mastering Console

A master processor designed that delivers five powerful analog coloration tools – Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, HF Compressor, Stereo Image enhancer, and SSL Transformer – from the legendary console company Solid State Logic.


Distressor Compressor

The Empirical Labs Distressor is the Swiss-army-knife of compressors. Capable of emulating classic vintage designs like the 1176 and the LA-2A, this digitally controlled compressor is a modern studio workhorse.

Bluey 1176 Compressor

The Bluey is a modified "Blue Stripe" compressor providing the classic 1176 compressor sound and character that has been heard on countless hits! 


API Select SR24

The API Select SR24 is a dual-channel workhorse containing the APSI 562, an parametric EQ that became a favorite of audio engineers for its character and simplicity.

Apollo x6

Apollo x6 allows music producers & post-production studios to track, overdub, and mix with elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, HEXA Core UAD, and plug-in processing. With thousands of hit songs and hundreds of Grammy-winning albums under their belt, Apollo interfaces are no strangers to tracking stellar-sounding records.

We also have the following available at our studios:

Neumann u87 Microphone

TLM 103 Microphone

Mojave 300 Microphone

Neumann KH120 Speakers

Apollo Twin Interface


Pro Tools Software

Logic Pro X Software

Fruity Loops Software


Universal Audio, Waves Horizon, FabFilter, Izotope, Slate Digital, Antares

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