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Mixing & Mastering

Confirmation's team of expert audio engineers have perfected the art of analog mixing & mastering using our extensive collection of hardware, EQs, and compressors – bringing artists' songs & projects to industry-standard levels.


Through providing access to high-end, professional studio quality equipment, we are able to transform your tracks to radio-ready sounds.

Hear the crazy transformation from unmixed to mixed!


Mixed & Mastered

What is Mixing & Mastering?

In order to reach the song quality of your favorite artists, or songs you hear on the radio, your tracks must be professionally mixed & mastered.

Mixing & mastering involves using effects (such as compression, equalization, panning, balancing, automation, etc.) to enhance your overall project, to make your songs reach their fullest potential on all speakers, platforms, media formats and devices.

Mixed & Mastered at
Confirmation's Studio

How to Send Your Songs to Get Mixed Online?

If you would like to get a song mixed, please send an email to

titled "Mixing & Mastering." 

The e-mail should contain your: 

  • ​Name 

  • Phone Number

  • Instagram Username

  • Church PIN (optional)

Mixing & Mastering Services

Not only does Confirmation's studio offers recording plus mixing & mastering, but it also comes with in-house producing, photography, online mixing & mastering, online producing, and home visits.