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Instrument & Vocal Lessons

Have you been trying to develop your skills as a singer, rapper, or instrumentalist? If so, Confirmation offers lessons in Piano, Guitar, Violin, Bass, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Vocal Coaching!

Our Classes

We have expert musicians who are ready to help you advance your artistry.


If you or anybody in your Church would love to learn these skills, we have teachers available. They teach the following:

  • Piano Lessons

  • Guitar Lessons

  • Bass Guitar Lessons

  • Violin Lessons

  • Saxophone & Clarinet Lessons

  • Vocal Coaching

Lessons Offered

Lessons Offered

  • Learn how to play piano from our expert instructors.

    1 hr

  • Learn how to play the violin today!

    1 hr

  • Learn bass guitar today!

    1 hr

  • Learn how to play guitar now !

    1 hr

  • Enhance your vocal capabilities today!

    1 hr

  • Learn how to play the saxophone !

    1 hr

  • Learn how to play the clarinet!

    1 hr

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