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Book A Concert For Your Church

Confirmation not only provides a venue for artists to perform, but we also seek to build the Kingdom by bringing our talented artists to your church – redefining what concerts for Jesus can look like. 

Plan A Concert 
At Your Church

Confirmation is the middle man between Christian artists and churches.


We believe that every church should be involved in the ministry of music bringing truth through creative expression –effectively impacting and inspiring the youth. 

Instead of having your younger generations seek out worldly concerts for fun times, imagine the impact of experiencing the same while worshipping God. Let's normalize lit Christian concerts!

Perform At Our Venue

If you are a Christian artist looking for a place to perform and to share the gift that God has given you, Confirmation would love to help provide a venue, other artists, the equipment, & the marketing necessary to throw a great show!


We have monthly concerts, and we are always searching for new artists with different stories to express how God is moving through their artistry!


Press this button if you are interested in performing sometime soon! We'd love to meet with you! 

Concert Services

Concert Services
Do You Want to Perform at our Upcoming Shows?

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Are you in Los Angeles?

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Perform At Our Venue
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