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In order for artists to portray their persona in ways outside of music, they need to represent themselves creatively. Building artists' images is essential.


Confirmation provides the means to build your brand with professional photography. Our expert photographers are ready to help you upgrade your artist portfolio, capturing moments worth sharing.

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About Our Photography

Our head photographer, Petrina Delacey, is a master visionary who has developed her photography skills for 10+ years. She has been helping artists grow their presence on social media and become more confident in who they are. 

She actively uses the Sony A7iii, deemed “the best camera on the market,” to upgrade artist portfolios from amateur to top-of-the-line quality. 


Petrina is a musician herself, so she understands the vision and creative direction an artist needs successfully capture the right moments for social media, artist profiles, album covers, and more.

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Photography Services

Photography Services

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