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Artist & Spiritual Development

Once upon a time, people believed that pursuing dreams in the industry and pursuing God couldn’t coincide… Yet here we are at Confirmation, doing just that. Our primary focus is ensuring that artists are growing in their faith walks. Nothing is more important than being in right standing with God as we develop our artistries.

About Our Mentorship

To guarantee that our artists are getting the divine direction they need, our ministry offers spiritual guidance and counseling.


Stacey and Ericka Hayes are our mentors, who have been in pastoral care for 20+ years. The Hayes offer direction, guidance and spiritual wisdom. They help us answer the hard questions as we mature as Christians. They answer to Jesus and exemplify what it means to emulate the heart and mind of Christ. 

Community Development

We offer this to you so that you can have:

  1. Accountability for Christian artistry

  2. Open discussions in a safe environment

  3. Biblical knowledge and understanding

  4. Access to like-minded individuals on similar paths

  5. Ability to create connections between brothers and sisters in Christ in music

We dive deeper into:

  • The Do’s and Don’t’s on how to navigate the industry

  • Learning how to be bold for Jesus as Christian artists

  • Bible studies are offered weekly to those who are interested (no church affiliation)

Our Ministries

Confirmation welcomes you to come alongside our ministries!
We have: 

1) BYOB: Bring Your Own Bible – weekly Sunday Bible meetings

2) Women at the Park – picnics for Christian women to fellowship every second Saturday of the month

3) The Adam Project – monthly gatherings for men to become

better spiritual leaders

4) Be Still – a weekly live-streamed online ministry every Wednesday at 5 PM P.T. 


Talk With Us About God

If you want to learn more about walking in faith while pursuing artistry, or if you have any questions about God and growing in relationship with Him, please schedule a call with us!

Confirmation’s recording studio, located in Inglewood, CA just minutes away from the Forum and SoFI Stadium, is the safe haven oasis for Christian artists to record, collaborate and network with one another.


Our equipment is state of the art. You will never need to worry about your music sounding professional ever again! 


The Nueeman u87 is our favorite microphone here at Confirmation. It is used on almost all of your favorite artists’ vocals including Drake, Ariana Grande, and Kanye West to name a few! It is the standard work- house mic of every studio and guaranteed to elevate your vocals to the professional-level. 


So if you’re ready to lay down some tracks and drop some heat, then just book already! 

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