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Who We Are

Confirmation Ministries is an LA-based team of industry experts providing top quality, full-scale music and video production. God has appointed us to be the launching pad for Christian artists to cultivate musical gifts, develop creative projects, and fulfill His callings in music. 



Music is extremely influential in today’s age. Unfortunately, the world has control over the music industry and has influenced many away from the Truth. God wants to restore music back to His original purpose: to glorify Him.


He is currently equipping members within your church with musical gifts, ideas, and projects that would release His power, love, and Spirit to the world. However, most churches lack access to essential tools and services to properly train and equip Christian artists to pursue careers in music.


Instead of having artists outsource their gifts to worldly studios, Confirmation Ministries seeks to provide a safe place where artists can not only develop God-inspired music projects and collaborate with other believers, but also grow spiritually in their walks with God. 


We seek to partner with your church to provide access to a team of Spirit-led professionals, first-class equipment, and services necessary to be successful in the industry. We also would love to help build the Kingdom by throwing live concerts at Your Church to not only empower your artists,  but the people within your Church.

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What We Offer

We offer a top-of-the-line recording studio, professional audio engineers, skilled producers, high-resolution cinematography and photography, extensive instrument and music production lessons, live concerts and venues, artists' spiritual development, and most importantly – a community of Christian artists sold out for Jesus in the music industry.

Our Vision

Confirmation Ministries is the launching pad for Christian artists to fulfill God's callings in music, encounter spiritual growth, and reach their fullest potential. We create and strengthen communities between artists and professionals within the Christian community, while nourishing God's callings in artistry and bringing Truth into the music industry. Our goal is to take back the music industry from satan by raising an army of Christian Artists who are on fire for God.

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