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Confirmation Ministries

Christian Artists in Los Angeles

Confirmation is an LA-Based Non-Profit Providing Artists From All Walks of Life Premiere Music & Video Production.

"What we watch and listen to is what we become."


Many are often blind to the impact of the music industry and its influence, especially our youth. God wants to restore His original purpose for music by lifting up a generation of artists bringing Truth into the industry.


However, most of us lack access to the essential services to properly train and equip artists to pursue careers in music. That's where we come in.


Confirmation is the bridge that connects God-given ideas to tangible projects by offering the essential tools necessary to succeed in the music industry.

Plan a Concert

At Your Church

Build the Kingdom by bringing our talented artists to your church!


We believe that every church should be involved in the ministry of music bringing truth through creative expression – effectively impacting & inspiring the youth. (Available Anywhere in the US)


Our Services


Church Concerts

Build the Kingdom by bringing our talented artists to your church & redefine concerts for Jesus


Music Videos

Capture audiovisual experiences with directors, videographers, and editors using industry-grade 4k cameras

Music Production Lessons

Whether experienced or just starting, work with experts to perfect your craft in music production stages


With legendary recording equipment, including the Neumann u87 mic, making you sound radio ready


Photo Shoots

Using the Sony A7iii, upgrade your artist portfolio and capture moments with     top-of-the-line quality

Audio recording instruments

Instrument + Vocal Lessons

Get vocal coaching and learn how to play piano, violin, guitar, bass

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Beat Production

Work with our producers to bring ideas of melodies and instrumentals to life with custom beat production

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Mixing + Mastering

Work with engineers using analog equipment and plug-ins to transform your song into a certified hit


Artist + Spiritual Development

Join our Christian artist community with our weekly Bible studies, spiritual guidance, and counseling

Our Services

Perform At Our Venue!

If you are an artist looking for a place to perform & share the artistic gifts that God has given you, Confirmation would love to provide a venue, other artists, essential equipment, & the marketing necessary to throw a great concert!


We have monthly concerts, and we are always searching for new artists with different stories to express how God is moving through their artistry.

Click below if you are interested in performing sometime soon! We'd love to meet with you! 

Get a sneak peek of the latest videos we've captured of our artists.


Take a video tour of our studio!

The daily life of artists at Confirmation's studio

Get a glimpse of our artists' photo shoots